1/27/23 Mustang, OK – Man Steals Mustang FD Medical Response Unit From Medical Call – Police Chase – Captured

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

January 27, 2023


There was an extra amount of buzz at the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City on Friday night.

Mustang Police Department officials, with the help of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Oklahoma City Police Department, made an arrest at the location following an incident regarding a Mustang Fire Department vehicle larceny.

According to Mustang Fire Chief, Craig Carruth, the Fire Department crew was on medical call for service on the 1000 Block of N. Ridgecrest Way on the West side of town. As they were leaving the property, they saw a man enter the fire department-owned vehicle and leave the scene.

Mustang Police Chief, Rob Groseclose, said Daniel Justin Snyder entered the Fire Department’s vehicle and took off. When Law Enforcement was notified, units pursued the vehicle to the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City where they arrested Snyder.

Carruth said the stolen vehicle was put into service in March of 2022. He also said the lifespan for the vehicle would be at least 10 years.

“This is mainly a medical response unit, and a motor vehicle response unit,” Carruth said.

Carruth said the vehicle was recovered and nobody was hurt in the process of recovery.

“They were able to get the vehicle back and detain the subject,” Carruth said. “So, (we’re) very proud of our law enforcement friends that were able to take care of our vehicle and were able to get it back safe and sound.”

Groseclose said Snyder is charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, endangering others while eluding police, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and interfering with a fireman during performance of their duty.

He is still in custody with a $71,000 bond.