11/10/23 Burlington, VT – Response To A Reported Overdose – Patient Who Had Overdosed Steals The Ambulance – Crashes Into Parked Car – Ambulance Found Still In Drive

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

November 10, 2023


The Burlington Fire Department reported a stolen ambulance over the weekend, while responding to an emergency call on South Prospect Street.

In a social media post, the Burlington Firefighters Association Local 3044 said crews were responding to a suspected overdose on Sunday evening, when their ambulance was stolen by the person who had reportedly overdosed.

Dispatchers called police and they later located the ambulance, which had been abandoned after crashing into a parked car.

According to the fire department, witnesses said the person got out of the ambulance while it was still in drive, but it was a low-speed crash, so no injuries were reported. There was minor damage to the vehicles.


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