11/20/23 Lexington, KY – Woman Steals Ambulance From Hospital – Nearly Hits Pedestrian In Crosswalk – Drives The Wrong Way Down A One Way Lane – Arrested

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

November 20, 2023


A woman is accused of stealing and going on a joyride with an ambulance she stole from a Lexington hospital.

Police say on Sunday, 43-year-old Jericha Hays stole an ambulance parked outside of Saint Joseph East on North Eagle Creek Drive.

A crosswalk was nearly the scene of tragedy for Camarian Dickey and her friends.

“We felt a rush of air, really loud, like a car going by. We turned around, and there was an EMT swerving into the bike lane,” Dickey said.

They turned to see the ambulance that was “out of control.”

“And that gurney was about to roll out of the back,” said Rowyn Moore.

The friends believe they were almost the tragic victims of an ambulance stolen from the hospital near Richmond Road and then taken on a joyride that ended at the Walmart on New Circle Rd.

“We were pretty lucky in how close we were, how close of a call it was,” said Moore.

The ambulance had just been sent on a patient transfer from Wayne County. Director Sherwin Corder said the crew was walking out of the hospital when they were distracted by a woman asking questions, and another woman jumped in the driver’s seat and took off.

“It took a crew that we desperately need out of circulation. Also, an ambulance which is still drivable, but it had to be taken down and inspected,” said Corder.

Police say Jericha Hays ignored a bunch of traffic laws, drove the wrong way down a one-way street, and almost hit people from downtown Lexington to the Walmart where she was arrested.

Hays is now charged with a half dozen offenses, including theft and wanton endangerment. Police say she manifested “extreme indifference to human life.”

“She didn’t even honk. The only honk we heard was from a lady who was turning, and she stopped to ask us if were okay,” said Dickey.

Corder says the ambulance was checked over and should be back in service by Tuesday. He also says they are going to ensure all ambulances have anti-theft devices from now on.