2/21/24 Fairfax County, VA – Suspect Walks Away From Hospital Before Getting Discharged – Steals Private Ambulance With IV In His Arm – Ditched It – Fled On Foot

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

February 21, 2024


A search is underway for a man who survived a major crash, left treatment in a hospital gown with an IV in his arm and stole an ambulance from Inova Fairfax on Monday, police say.

Earlier in the day, the suspect was a passenger in a stolen car that raced away from police before crashing along Route 50 towards the Interstate 66 exit in Fair Oaks, Virginia, police reported at 1 p.m. Five people were taken to the hospital, two with life-threatening injuries, police said.

Video shows a white vehicle speeding toward an exit, veering left into the grass and going airborne. The crash caused parts of the vehicle, including the top, to fly off.

Officers recovered two guns and narcotics from the stolen vehicle, police later said.

Hours later, one of the suspects, identified as Rickey Lowe, 32, of Manassas, walked away from the hospital before getting discharged, police said.

He then “jumped in a private transport ambulance and stole it,” Fairfax County police said. A time stamp in the photo of the suspect in the ambulance says he was driving 34 mph at about 8:45 p.m.

The suspect ditched the stolen ambulance about 40 minutes later and fled on foot, police reported around 9:30 p.m. It was found less than three miles from the hospital.

Police were looking for the suspect near the 4200 block of Annandale Road.

It’s unclear if he faces any charges related to the initial crash.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.