3/11/24 St. Louis, MO – Ambulance Dispatched To Psychiatric Call – After Arrival The Ambulance Was Stolen – Found A Couple Miles Away – Woman Taken Into Custody

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

March 11, 2024


One person was taken into custody after an ambulance was stolen overnight in north St. Louis.

There was a very quick and sizable response from the authorities after the incident happened. City police were able to track down the stolen ambulance and take a woman into custody. It all happened about 2:30 a.m. It is believed that the city dispatched the ambulance in response to a call regarding a potential psychiatric patient in the 2800 block of Arlington in north St. Louis.

We’re told that moments after the medic crew arrived at that call, the ambulance was stolen. The police immediately started trying to find it through a GPS tracking device on the ambulance. Officials gave information from that device to officers in the field. Minutes later, the ambulance was found at Harney and Emerson in north city in the Walnut Park East neighborhood.

‘Medic One’ is on the side of the stolen ambulance. That is likely the company that the medical unit is from.

It’s believed that the ambulance stopped twice, including at a church, before police found it and took the woman into custody. The location where it was recovered is only a couple of miles away from where the ambulance was originally stolen.

No injuries are being reported, although police shared that the woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution. It does not appear that any damage was done to the ambulance.

At this point, authorities haven’t released details about how the ambulance was able to be stolen in the first place. FOX 2 will update this story with more information as it becomes available.

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