2/7/21 Sacramento, CA – 2-3 Youths Stole A Sacramento Ambulance From Medical Call – Jumped Out Of Ambulance In Gear – Good Samaritan Jumped Into Ambulance To Save Crash

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

February 7, 2021


A good Samaritan stopped an unoccupied ambulance from rolling away after a group of juveniles attempted to steal it, officials say. 

The Sacramento Fire Department reported that two to three youths got inside the rig while fire personnel were at the scene of a medical call, then put the vehicle in gear and began to drive it away, according to KCRA. The group then jumped out of the rig while it was still moving slowly down the road, officials said. 

A good Samaritan saw the driverless ambulance moving and got inside to stop it from rolling any further. Fire department officials said no one was injured during the incident, and that there was no damage to the ambulance. Officials also said that patient care and response to other calls were not delayed as a result of the incident. 

The Sacramento Police Department is investigating the incident.

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