4/29/21 Paterson, NJ – Burglar In Home Was Struck With Machete – Paterson FD Ambulance Called – Man Jumps Out Back Into Driver’s Seat – EMT Shuts Keys Off – Captured

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

April 29, 2021


Police in New Jersey say an injured burglary suspect attempted to flee by stealing an ambulance. 

The man was allegedly burglarizing a home at about 5:41 a.m. when a resident woke up, caught him in the act and struck him with a machete, according to the Paterson Press

Police and EMS were called and the man, Vincent Fearon, 39, was taken into custody and treated for his injuries. While in the back of the ambulance, Fearon allegedly jumped out of the back door, went to the front of the ambulance, got in the driver’s seat and attempted to drive away. 

An EMT who saw what was happening reportedly turned off the ignition before the suspect could get away, and the ambulance traveled a short distance in neutral before Fearon was taken back into custody, according to police. 

Fearon faces multiple criminal charges, authorities said. 


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