6/22/21 Melvindale, MI – Superior Ambulance Was Stolen – Police Chase From Taylor To Melvindale – Crash Into Police Cars Injuring Police Officer

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

June 22, 2021


A stolen ambulance led police on a chase from Taylor to Melvindale before crashing Monday night.

The Superior ambulance was empty without a patient inside when it was stolen from the parking lot of the Circle K on Telegraph according to Taylor police. 

One police officer was said to be injured in the arrest with the ambulance striking police cars at some point either during the chase or after a pit maneuver to end the pursuit.

Video above shared by viewer Eric McCausland on Facebook, shows the ambulance speeding away from police cars giving chase.

In a video by Michelle Golden shared on Facebook, a witness says police used a pit maneuver to force the ambulance to crash on Allen and Greenfield roads.

She says an officer was knocked to the ground after the chase ended, which can be seen in a still shot below taken from a video she shot.

“The ambulance driver rammed the vehicles (and) knocked a police officer to the ground,” Golden wrote to FOX 2 in a message. “Another police officer got him out of the way.”

Melvindale and Southgate police took part in the chase and there were no serious injuries. The suspect was arrested and taken by Southgate police.


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