7/4/20 Los Angeles, CA – Ambulance Stolen By Woman – Long Dangerous High Speed Chase With Lights And Sirens On – Narrowly Missed Vehicles – Captured

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

July 4, 2020



A woman behind the wheel of a stolen Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance was arrested at the end of a pursuit Saturday night on streets southeast of downtown LA.

The ambulance was on streets in Vernon and South Gate, at times fish-tailing with its lights flashing and sirens activated. The driver narrowly missed other vehicles, reaching high speeds in residential areas.

The ambulance was stolen near 49th Street and Compton Avenue. No one else was in the ambulance.

Details about the theft were not immediately available.

The pursuit ended in the Bell area when the woman pulled over and ran into a residential area. She was arrested a short time later.

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