10/28/21 Albany, OR – Man Breaks Into Fire House Through Open Weight Room Window – Firefighters were Sleeping – Steals Water Rescue Truck – Found Damaged In Eugene, Oregon – Escaped

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

October 28, 2021


A truck stolen from an occupied Albany Fire Department station last weekend was recovered in Eugene.

The fire department said a suspect entered Station 13 off Three Lakes Road on Sunday night.

“We left a window in our weight room unlocked and a man made entry through it. He had the intention to steal a vehicle and he succeeded,” the fire department said. “One of our utility trucks was stolen, tagged with graffiti, damaged, and left in Eugene.”

Albany Police made an arrest in the case Tuesday.

“Our outcome could have been much worse,” the fire department said in a Facebook post.

Surprisingly, 5 crew members were in between night calls and sleeping when the theft occurred. The risk of them encountering someone in our “home” gives us pause. We call this a “Near Miss”.

“Theft can happen to anyone in Albany,” the fire department added. “Take input from us: lock your windows and doors. Check your vehicles and homes before bed each night. Be safe!”


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