2/12/23 Little Rock, AR – Emergency Ambulance Services Had Ambulance Stolen From Pine Bluff Hospital – Ambulance Found By Police – Long chase – Captured

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

February 12, 2023


An ambulance was stolen from a Pine Bluff hospital on Saturday evening, Feb. 11.

The vehicle belonging to Emergency Ambulance Services Inc. has since been located by law enforcement agencies, the ambulance service announced in a Facebook post.

According to the ambulance service’s post on social media, the ambulance crew was not present during the theft and no bystanders were injured.

The vehicle, Unit 174, was safely located not far from the hospital from which it was stolen and appears to have suffered no damage.

“Thank you to Pine Bluff Police Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Arkansas State Police for all of their assistance in locating the ambulance,” said Emergency Ambulance Services Inc. in its post.

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