6/2/21 Prichard, AL – Man Steals Fire Rescue Command Car Right Out Of The Fire Station – Man Caught Stealing Equipment Out Of It Into Another Stolen Vehicle – Captured – (God Made Him Do It)

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

June 2, 2021


A Prichard Fire-Rescue vehicle was stolen Wednesday and taken for a ride.

Prichard Police tracked the car down and got the suspect out at gun point.

Jeffery McCants Jr. admitted to stealing the car. He didn’t make it far before he was caught.

Surveillance video shows Jeffery McCants Jr. walking into central fire station on Turner Rd. in Prichard.

He had a gas can in his hand and is looking in an area Prichard Fire and Rescue members say they used to store gas. He then made his way over to the station’s Crown Vic, got inside, sat there for a moment and then cranked it up.

Next thing you know, he backs it up and pulls out of the garage.

“It had the keys in it. I needed some gas so therefore I took the car, I had to. It was the only way to get gas. It said hey man, you’ll get there faster if you take me so I said ok car ima take it, so I took it and I washed it. I washed the car,” he said.

The fire department says the employee was getting ready to leave, and went inside to grab something. When he came back out, his car was no where to be found.

Prichard Police found the city vehicle parked under a tree at Faulkner Career Technical Center. Officials say the car overheated.

They tracked down McCants in another vehicle reported stolen from Mobile, in that same parking lot.

McCants told us he was only borrowing the car to get some gas.

Mayor Jimmie Gardner says all of the fire equipment was moved into the trunk of the other stolen vehicle.

”So, they weren’t just going to get gas and they weren’t borrowing a vehicle that’s theft and we are charging them,” said Gardner.

We asked McCants again what happened and got a different answer.

“Why did you take the vehicle?” Asked NBC 15.

“I took it because God told me too and guess what? God help me do everything I steal everything. I’ll steal ya heart baby,” said McCants.

Although another man was arrested, McCants took the blame for the joy ride.

McCants is charged with theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and marijuana.

The driver of the stolen Mobile car, Henry Dixon, is charged theft, and burglary.


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