7/4/21 Newark, NJ – Police Chase Suspect That Stole A Newark Fire Battalion SUV – Fire SUV Lost – Pursuing Officers On The NJ Turnpike – Suspect Captured After Bailing Out

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

July 4, 2021


Port Authority, State, and North Bergen Police were notified of a police pursuit that had Newark officers chase a suspect who stole a Newark Fire Battalion Truck this afternoon. 

According to a preliminary investigation, the suspect jumped in the fire department’s truck in the area of Avon and Peshine avenues around 4 p.m. then sped from the scene. 

Newark Police swiftly located the car then followed the suspect, who then entered I-280, ultimately losing officers on The NJ Turnpike near Route 495 in North Bergen. 

Police said the vehicle has a #4 on it and NYPD has also been notified of the theft. 

The suspect was captured after bailing from the vehicle on Industrial Avenue in Ridgefield Park.   


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