4/23/21 Los Angeles, CA – Man Steals LAFD Battalion Chief’s Marked SUV – Pursuit By LAPD – Spike Strips – Flat Tires – Gives Up

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

April 23, 2021


A man is in custody after leading a chase in an LAFD Battalion Chief’s SUV that was stolen from Downtown Los Angeles.

The LAFD vehicle was reportedly stolen just after 2 p.m. at 7th Street and Flower in Downtown Los Angeles. It was later found driving through Palos Verdes after being authorities tracked it via the vehicle’s GPS transponder.

The pursuit was a comparatively slow one, and wound its way into San Pedro, where at least one of the tires was punctured by a spike strip before the driver could avoid it. Shortly after hitting the spike strip, one of the vehicle’s tires began to smoke and the SUV pulled into a store parking lot.

The driver got out slowly and was taken into custody without further incident.

No injuries were reported. The theft of the vehicle will be jointly investigated by the LAFD and LAPD.


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